Sunday, 18 October 2015

Carry On, Corbyn!

Just one month after becoming Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is now firmly etched in the public mind as new and different, but no one even this far out is taking seriously his prospects of leading his party to victory at the next general election in 2020.  

The essential problem is that Jeremy Corbyn has 'risen without trace' and has no back story other than being a backbench Westminster MP for the past 32 years, during which time he has not left his mark on anything or shown any real leadership qualities.

So much so, that other backbench MPs (from his own party) are prepared to say publicly that under Jezza's leadership Labour is carving out an entirely new role as a 'comedy franchise' rather than a serious political force.

Which may be funny, but is nonetheless worrying for the health of our democracy with the SNP jumping on the bandwagon today by portraying the stark choice facing voters north of the border as Scottish independence versus the tough talking but 'heartless' Tories - or the hilarious slapstick politics of 'calamity' Corbyn.

Here's what Simon Danczuk wrote for the Total Politics web site and the funniest point is that as a serial rebel for the past 32 years, Jeremy Corbyn would now be branded as a complete hypocrite, if he were to demand loyalty from his backbench Labour MPs.        

Simon Danczuk: Labour is like a comedy franchise

Outspoken Labour MP Simon Danczuk has launched another scathing attack on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, accusing him of dragging the party down to the level of "comedy".

He hit out after a week which saw John McDonnell reverse his earlier decision to support George Osborne's so-called 'fiscal charter' - a move the Shadow Chancellor himself described as "embarrassing".

"Amidst much hilarity in Westminster, each shambolic announcement, every piece of confused choreography has been treated as though it were vintage slapstick comedy, not serious opposition politics," Mr Danczuk wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

"Farce doesn't begin to describe our position any more. It's the political equivalent of all the slapstick staples rolled into one. The Three Stooges pie fight. Stan Laurel stuck up a ladder. The house collapsing on Buster Keaton," he added.

"It's like we're carving out a new comedy franchise. Carry On Protesting. And right now the sound of Sid James's dirty cackle just about sums up where Labour's at."

He argued that the failure to really hold the Tories to account was letting down people like the steelworkers who are set to lose their jobs in Redcar.

"Local MPs tried hard but the leadership made sure the Tories weren't inconvenienced. Ministers didn't even break sweat. As usual, Corbyn calamities hogged the headlines making sure serious issues like this were overlooked."

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