Saturday, 17 October 2015

Broad Church

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Jonathan Freedland writing in The Guardian gives the SNP great credit for mastering the 'new politics' by taking a leaf or two out of Tony Blair's guide on 'How to Win Elections'.

But the chances of Jeremy Corbyn learning a thing or two from the Scottish nationalists are 'zero' if you ask me, because the SNP are, for the moment at least, a very broad church that can accommodate both 'fiscal conservatives' and admirers of 'old-fashioned socialists' in the long march towards the ultimate goal of independence.

Jeremy Corbyn could learn a thing or two from the SNP

By Jonathan Freedland - The Guardian

The Scottish nationalists are not just masters of the new politics - they’re pretty good at the old politics too

‘Those Blair-era techniques so despised by the Corbynites are practised by the Nats with unbending self-control.’ Photograph: Andrew MacColl/Rex Shutterstock