Friday, 23 October 2015

Back in the USSR

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Alex Massie wrote a great article on Jeremy Corbyn's decision to hire The Guardian journalist, Seamus Milne, as the Labour Party's new 'spinmeister' general.

Now it seems completely bonkers for Labour to recruit someone whose political views are so out of touch from the vast majority of voters, until you stop and reflect on the fact that Jezbollah Corbyn will be completely at home with Milne's relentlessly anti-western political outlook.  

So look out for more thrills and spills as Seamus seeks to get Labour's message across which he did, I understand, by giving an early interview to President Putin's propaganda TV channel - Russia Today.

I read somewhere that  Seamus is 'on leave' from The Guardian which is an extremely odd arrangement, suggesting perhaps that he doesn't expect to be in his new post for the long haul.

Back in the USSR: Jeremy Corbyn hires Seumas Milne

By Alex Massie - The Spectator

Are the crimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al of less weight than those of the fascists?