Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Windy Rhetoric

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The Independent reports that Team Corbyn is talking tough about the need for more transparency to help clamp down on corporate tax dodging.

Now excuse me if I don't take this too seriously, because for years big Labour councils have been the complete opposite of 'open and transparent' over the pay arrangements that apply to traditional male and female jobs. 

Regular readers will recall that Labour-run South Lanarkshire Council fought tooth and nail to prevent its pay arrangements being brought out into the open, before finally losing a landmark freedom of information judgement in the UK Supreme Court.

So if you ask me, this is just more hot air and windy rhetoric.



Labour would ‘pour the disinfectant of sunlight’ on large firms by forcing them to publish tax returns

The move would ‘helping close down the loopholes and the scams that the tax dodgers rely on’, says shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

By Ashley Cowburn - The Independent
John McDonnell said only his party would stand up for workers and small businesses to make the tax system fair Getty

A Labour government would force large corporations to publish full tax returns under plans to expose “sweetheart deals” and tackle avoidance, shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has announced.

Continuing the party’s policy blitz in recent weeks, Mr McDonnell, said the policy would “pour the disinfectant of sunlight” on firms with more than 250 employees in an effort to “close down loopholes and the scams that the tax dodgers rely on”.