Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Trump and Islam

During the presidential election campaign Donald Trump sold himself to America on the basis of his implacable hostility to 'radical' Islam and Trump's sales pitch took many forms including blaming Saudi Arabia for the murderous attack on 9/11.

But what a difference a little bit of pomp and ceremony can make (as well as being presented with a giant gold chain) because Donald Trump is now a big fan of the Islamic world, so he says, or part of it at least. 

Trump's new policy is to cosy up to the Sunni Islam monarchs and dictators who rule in countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatari while singling out Shia dominated Iran for criticism.

Now this is very odd because the ultra-conservative Wahhabi brand of Islam enjoys widespread support in Saudi Arabia and is behind the oppressive culture which tells women how to dress, denies women the vote, prevents women from driving a car or leaving home (even to seek medical treatment) without the permission of a male guardian.

Wahhabi Islamist teachings were the inspiration for Osama bin Laden and these same beliefs now drive the religious fascists of the Islamic State (IS). 

Even more confusing is the fact that Iranian Shia Muslims are leading the fightback against the Sunni Muslim inspired Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and have succeeded in driving IS out of their former stronghold in Mosul.

Meanwhile Ivanka Trump has done very well by accompanying her dad on his trip to the Middle East with the announcement that Saudi Arabia and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) have agreed to donate $100 million dollars to the Ivanka Trump Foundation.

On a slightly sour note Twitter has now reminded Daddy Trump of what he tweeted when Saudi Arabia gave 'vast amounts' of money to the Hillary Clinton Foundation. 

Seems like Trump can't remember (or just likes to forget) what he says from one day to another.