Monday, 1 May 2017

'Tammany Hall' Labour

The Sunday Herald reported yesterday on the grubby dealings of two Labour figures in Glasgow City Council whose behaviour has been exposed by a whistleblower.

I have to say this kind of backscratching 'Tammany Hall' politics is all prevalent in the Labour Party and I are with the comments of the SNP group leader who said:   

“This is clear evidence of what the people of Glasgow have long suspected: senior Labour councillors routinely and casually putting pressure on organisations and manipulating council procedures to serve their own personal and political ends. It's proof positive that Labour is utterly unfit to lead our city."

Read the full article via the link to The Sunday Herald below, but if you ask me this is just another example of Labour's arrogance and bad behaviour which stems from the party ruling the roost in Glasgow for far too long.

So I hope that the winds of change will blow through Glasgow City Council after Thursday's local council elections.  

Secret recording leads to call for Glasgow Labour councillors to be suspended

Alistair Watson

BY Paul Hutcheon - The Sunday Herald

LABOUR's local election campaign in Glasgow is in crisis after a leaked recording plunged one of the party's top councillors into a cronyism row.

Alistair Watson, who is council leader Frank McAveety's enforcer in the city chambers, tried to interfere in a charity over a change in the working hours of another Labour councillor.

In the secret recording, Watson told a top figure at the Dalmarnock Legacy Hub that Labour had a "knife edge" majority and wanted to know if his party colleague's “work-life” balance could be addressed.

He also said he had spoken to a council official about an internal audit into the charity in order to “expedite” the release of grant money that had been withheld. He added that elected members advocate on behalf of organisations they are close to, or are employed by, “99.9 per cent” of the time.

Susan Aitken, the SNP group leader on the council who hopes to topple Labour in this week's council election, contacted the local authority’s Internal Audit team on Friday after being given the recording by a whistleblower.