Friday, 19 May 2017

State of Sin

Nick Cohen has written a fine blog in The Spectator in which he posts the view that for left-wing cultists in the Labour Party - "if you are not with Corbyn, are in a state of sin."

Very true if you ask me, since my experience is that any disagreement or criticism is met immediately with angry rhetoric and accusations of 'treachery' and 'disloyalty' to the cause, but read the piece in The Spectator and decide for yourself.

J. K. Rowling and the curse of the left

By Nick Cohen - The Spectator

How people who want a fairer society should vote at this election is causing agonies across the liberal-left. It is easy to mock the torn activists. Why do they bother? One vote is worth next to nothing under a PR system. Under first past the post there are hundreds of safe seats where there’s no point in voting, let alone worrying about how you vote.

The number of safe Tory seats is likely to grow after this election. Indeed, if you believe the opinion polls, it is likely to rocket. The futility of casting a token anti-Tory vote is more apparent than ever.

For all that, those who laugh at conscientious leftists are laughing at democracy. How can you justify it unless voters care about who they vote for? Would you rather live in a county where the public did not care or where they did not vote at all?

With these questions in mind Sarah Ditum of the New Statesman addressed Labour supporters who like her, found Corbyn a morally unconscionable man. She gave the sensible advice that, if they could not bring themselves to campaign for him and his allies, they should not give up on politics or support another party, but go to Labour seats where moderate MPs need all the help they could get in these ominous times

J.K. Rowling tweeted a link to the piece, which merely repeated its headline, ‘Election 2017: what should you do if you support Labour but can’t stand Jeremy Corbyn? That was all.