Monday, 8 May 2017

Blustering Buffoon

Donald Trump claims to be an intelligent person, but every time he is put on the spot the President resorts to bluster as in this interview with John Dickerson from CBS News.

"Everybody knows" is the favourite Trump mantra when he can't explain or defend his wild and dishonest claims, for example that President Obama allegedly spying on Team Trump during the election campaign.

America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI(, National Security Agency (NSA) and Justice Department have since concluded that Trump's allegations are completely bogus and are based on 'zero' evidence. 


Word Salad (13/12/16)

Here's an example of 'word salad' from President-elect Donald Trump which makes George 'Dubya' Bush seem like an intellectual giant by comparison.

I mean, I know that Donald says he's smart, but what the hell is he talking about with this rambling, incoherent jumble of words.

If the scriptwriters don't get a grip soon, the Mr Hyde side of Trump's personality is going to win out over Dr Jekyll.

In which case I fear the American people are rushing headlong into disaster.