Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Great Respecter

Images of Melania Trump have emerged since the inauguration to suggest that she is not exactly ecstatic about her new position as First Lady.

Jokes on Twitter abound with Melania cast in the role of a 'hostage' who needs to be freed from the evil clutches of Donald J Trump.

I doubt this is the case because as the following YouTube video shows Melania was an all too willing accomplice in the 'birther' nonsense which her husband used to smear Barack Obama and call into question his legitimacy as President.


The Great Respecter (24/01/17)

Another great photo from Donald Trump's inauguration.


The Great Respecter (23/01/17)

"No one respects women more than me," Donald J Trump.

Great photo doing the rounds on Twitter after the Presidential inauguration on Friday - no comment necessary.