Saturday, 28 January 2017

Not Everyone's an Ass

Michael Gove, the former lead Brexiteer and Tory leadership contender, scored a bit of a scoop by being the first UK journalist to interview President-elect Donald Trump.

I use the word journalist advisedly, of course, because Gove's day job is that of a Tory MP, but in any event he bunked off to America for a few days to conduct his 'mission' at Trump Towers in New York.

A lesser know fact is that the interview was conducted jointly with Bild Magazine and a real German journalist name of Kai Diekmann.  

I didn't think much of the interview with Mr Trump which sounded much like his usual blend of vulgar insults, word salad and unconnected thoughts.

But I take my hat of to Herr Diekmann for refusing to indulge in the ridiculous thumbs up photo opportunity on his way out of the building, unlike Michael Gove who looks like a complete dick - not for the first time of course.