Thursday, 19 January 2017

Is It Safe?

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Adam Boulton had an interesting column in The Sunday Times which contained a striking quote from one of Tristram Hunt's friends after the Labour MP resigned his seat in Stoke-on-Trent Central.

“If you don’t think Labour can win the 2025 general election, you’ve got to consider how you are going to spend the rest of your life.”

Adam Boulton's view is that Jeremy is safe for now - 'unassailable as Labour leader, yet unelectable as a potential Prime Minister' seems to be the received wisdom these days.

Let's see how things look in a few months time.

Tristram’s off and Jeremy’s safe . . . for now

It was an evening that epitomised the twilight of the liberal elite. Alastair Campbell played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes as the outgoing American ambassador threw a farewell party for some of the friends he has made during his time at the Court of St James’s.

Like his two immediate predecessors, Matthew Barzun has been a generous host who has used his own resources to reach out much further than would be expected of a conventional stuffy diplomat.

But the British people did not heed Barack Obama’s advice on Brexit, just as Americans declined to accept his recommendation of Hillary Clinton for next president. So Barzun is going home, along with all the other political appointees around the world who have been told not to linger in post by the Trump transition team. 
Hunt’s friends doubt he will be the last disillusioned Labour MP to join the exodus from parliament

The ambassador’s guests joked discreetly that they were unlikely to be invited back by whomever Trump appoints as ambassador. The nod is said to have gone to an heir to the Johnson’s baby powder fortune and owner of the New York Jets American football team. None of the citizens of the world cluttering the reception rooms doubted that this is a watershed moment — ending the gentle ideological flux from Bill Clinton to Tony Blair to George W Bush to Obama to David Cameron.