Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Glasgow and Equal Pay

I've heard from several A4ES clients in Cllr Frank McAveety's Glasgow Shettleston ward, but no one so far from the Glasgow Southside constituency of Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister.

The only information I need at this stage from people is:

1 Your full name and post code
2 Jour job title
3 Your email address 
4 Your contact phone number
5 A commitment to support the Glasgow campaign via Twitter and Facebook

So drop me a note and I'll add those who respond to my mailing list, as we will have some activities to get our teeth into in the New Year: 


Glasgow City Council Update

I have heard from the first A4ES equal pay claimants in the local electoral ward and constituency of Glasgow City Council leader Frank McAveety and First Minister/MSP Nicola Sturgeon.

But I could to with some more volunteers, preferably in a variety of different council jobs as this will have maximum effect.

So spread the word amongst friends and co-workers in Glasgow City Council on Twitter and Facebook because the more people who get involved the sooner this will all be over.

Remember the old saying - many hands make light work!


Glasgow City Council Update (09/12/16)

A4ES clients in Glasgow have a crucial role to play in persuading the City Council to live up to its obligations over equal pay.

I am keen to make contact with A4ES clients in Glasgow who have Cllr. Frank McAveety as their local councillor and Nicola Sturgeon as their local MSP.

Frank McAveety is a Labour councillor in the city's Shettleston ward and the current Council Leader; Nicola Sturgeon is the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Glasgow Southside and also Scotland's First Minister .

A4ES clients can check if they live within the Shettleston ward or Glasgow Southside constituency by visiting one of the following links:

Glasgow City Council link

Scottish Parliament link

If any A4ES clients living in these two areas get in touch, I'll explain what I have in mind: