Friday, 13 January 2017

First Minister and Equal Pay

I received a quick response from Nicola Sturgeon, the MSP for Glasgow Southside, whom I contacted the other day regarding the ongoing fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

At this stage I hope that all of Glasgow's MSPs will give full backing to their constituents, but there is also scope for the First Minister to get involved as the email below explains.      

Dear First Minister

Glasgow City Council and Equal Pay 

I contacted you by email recently regarding the ongoing fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

In your response you asked that I redirect the email to if the matter is being raised with you in your capacity as First Minister of Scotland.

At the moment I am raising this issue with all constituency MSPs and MPs in the Glasgow area, but I am aware of your previous public comments, as First Minister, about the need for the Scottish Government to get tough with Council bosses over pay equality for women. 

In my view, Glasgow City Council falls into the 'get tough' category as it is now the only major council in Scotland not to have reached a settlement over its post-job evaluation pay arrangements.

So while the correspondence is for your information only at this stage, I may well write to you again as First Minister as the campaign in Glasgow heats up in the weeks ahead.  

Kind regards

Mark Irvine


Glasgow and Equal Pay

I sent a copy of yesterday's post on the fight for equal pay to all members of the Scottish Parliament and Westminster Parliament who have constituencies in the Glasgow City Council area.

I am not looking for people to do anything in particular at this stage, but as the campaign  heats up in the weeks ahead it would be useful for claimants to know how to contact their local MSP and/or MP.  

So here's a handy list of names and email addresses for future reference - and in the meantime keep spreading the word to friends and co-workers.


Glasgow and Equal Pay (12/12/16)

Here are the email addresses for all MSPs and MPs whose constituencies fall within the boundaries of Glasgow City Council.

I imagine the 5,500 A4ES clients in Glasgow will be keen to contact their MSPs and MPs, if there is no sign of a negotiated settlement to their equal pay claims by the New Year.

More information will follow in the days ahead.

Glasgow MSPs (Scottish Parliament)

Glasgow MPs (Westminster Parliament)


Glasgow and Equal Pay (10/01/17)

I said in a recent post that I know the Labour leader of Glasgow City Council, Frank McAveety, from 'way back' and I promised more details would follow. 

Well the connection goes back to 1998 when I was invited by the then Labour Leader of the City Council to act as one of three independent advisers to the Glasgow City Council Public Standards Commission.

At the time I was Unison's Head of Local Government in Scotland and the other two independent advisers were Ended Laird, retired editor of the Daily Record newspaper, and a chap named Alan Alexander, who was a well known academic and professor of local government. 

The Glasgow Public Standards Commission was set up because of a series of damaging scandals within the City Council involving the conduct of local councillors and our job was to help the Council clear up its act which we did by offering impartial (unpaid) advice and, in my case, by banging heads together in a series of very lively meetings attended by senior officials and the elected politicians.

The leader of the City Council back in those days was, of course, none other than Cllr Frank McAveety who left Glasgow the following year in 1999 after being elected as an MSP to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Frank McAveety subsequently lost his MSP seat, but has since made a political comeback, first as a local councillor and now as Council Leader once again, almost 20 years later.

So Cllr McAveety and I know each other, as they say, and while we're not the 'best of friends' l think he knows me well enough to appreciate that I'm determined to get the job done when it comes to Glasgow and the fight for equal pay.    


Glasgow and Equal Pay(08/01/17)

I sent a copy of my post about the fight for equal pay in Glasgow to the Leader of the City Council, Councillor Frank McAveety whom I know from way back (more on that subject to follow).

Now I didn't ask Councillor McAveety for a response, but I am interested in hearing from some of the thousands of equal pay claimants in Glasgow because the more people who get involved in the campaign the sooner this will all be over.

'People Make Glasgow' is the city's latest slogan and in this case 'people power' is going to make all the difference in persuading the Council to come to its senses.


Glasgow and Equal Pay (06/01/17)

Readers in Glasgow are in touch regularly to ask what kind of equal pay campaign will get underway in the weeks ahead.

Well that's something I will give detailed thought to over the festive season, but here is a 'starter for ten' as the say ion University Challenge:
  • Issue a detailed public statement explaining the basis of the dispute
  • Highlight Glasgow's position as the only major council in Scotland not to have reached agreement with A4ES over its post-job evaluation pay arrangements.
  • Arrange to brief the Leader of the Opposition Group on Glasgow City Council and individual councillors who may have been kept in the dark by the current council leadership.
  • Arrange to brief all MSPs and MPs within the boundaries of Glasgow City Council who are all SNP politicians 
  • Organise a series of local meetings across the city to encourage the 5,500 A4ES clients in Glasgow to get involved in the campaign
  • Assist equal pay claimants in Glasgow to get their message across by lobbying local councillors, Holyrood MSPs and Westminster MPs
  • Organise case studies for the local media including The Herald, Evening Times, Daily Record etc
  • Organise a major advertising campaign across Glasgow in the run-up to the May 2017 council elections
  • Consider standing an 'Equal Pay' candidate in one or more key Glasgow constituencies
  • Seek a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister) as a Glasgow MSP to discuss how she and the SNP Government can help hold Glasgow to account
If readers have any ideas or suggestions to make, then fire away by dropping me a line at: 

Remember, 'many hands make light work' and the more people who get involved in the campaign the sooner this will all be over.