Making A Mockery Of Local Democracy

Now I know the SNP emerged victorious last May and ended up as the largest party in the Scottish Parliament.

But democracy is about much more than just winning elections - it's also about leadership, standards of behaviour and how politicians 'play the game'.

In which case it's clearly absurd for Humza Yousaf MSP to live on the east coast of Scotland in Broughty Ferry while claiming to represent the citizens of Pollok on the south west side of Glasgow - a 200 mile, 4 hour round trip.


Is Humza Having A Laugh? (December 31, 2021)

Is the SNP and/or Humza Yousaf having a laugh?

Because as I've said before it seems ridiculous that the party allows an MSP (and Minister) to live in a suburb of Dundee while representing a seat on the far side of Glasgow.

Seems to me the losers from this bizarre arrangement have to be the citizens of Glasgow Pollok and Humza's own family life.


Is Humza Having A Laugh? (July 17, 2021)

Scottish Ministers have been having a pretty torrid time of late and rightly so, especially after Nic, Humza and John all bunked off on holiday at the same time.

Humza complained that he was entitled to time off with his family which I agree with 100% , but this makes it all the more strange that Humza has decided to live in Broughty Ferry (east of Dundee) while he represents Glasgow Pollok, south west of Glasgow. 

A two hour plus drive!

So what sense does that make if you're arguing for a better work/life balance, and what did Ms Sturgeon have to say about an SNP MSP living on one side of Scotland while representing a seat so far away - did the First Minister approve this arrangement?

Because this can't be good for Humza, his family or the constituents of Glasgow Pollok.


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