Wednesday, 25 March 2020

We Need To Talk About Alex (3)

Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum here's a reader's comment from The Herald which calls for the outing of women who complained about Alex Salmond's behaviour - despite the fact that their identities are protected by law.

"The women who fabricated evidence against AS need to be publicly outed. False accusers undermine and belittle every single genuine rape victim who fears speaking up. Real victims will feel less inclined to speak. That blood is on the false accusers hands.

"I had long wondered if the no-smoke without fire argument held water, 14 charges is a lot after all, I am now disgusted and infuriated that genuine victims will now see this case collapse against a high profile man and may legitimately feel that if he can't be tried what hope is there for me and my abhorrent partner?!

"Rape is no joke. Using it as a political tool is the lowest of the low.

"False accusers should face the same scrutiny as AS has.

"Out them. Now.

"Leslie Evans must now surely go also. Her position is entirely un-tenable."

The conspiracy theorists will no doubt continue with this  madness in the months ahead although the script will have to change slightly, I suspect.

Because before the trial got underway the blame was being laid firmly at the door of mysterious forces within the British state, whereas now the conspiracy theorists are concentrating their fire on the upper echelons of the SNP.