Friday, 24 January 2020

Corbyn is a Clown

My 'Corbyn is a Clown' post from 26 January 2019 made the point that the Labour leader was arguing that people can get all the benefits of union membership - without having to be a member of a trade union. 

What a strange argument for a former full-time union official to make.


Corbyn is a Clown (26/01/19)

You can’t have the same benefits of membership of the EU if you’re not a member.

Corbyn: We can make it happen.

Mark Irvine
As a former full-time trade union official, Jeremy Corbyn is arguing (with a straight face) that people can get all the same benefits of trade union membership - without being a member of a trade union! 

What a complete tosser.


Private Eye, the UK's best and only fortnightly satirical magazine, on the consequences of agreeing to a general election without ensuring that the voters had the final say over Brexit in a second, confirmatory referendum. 



Boris Johnson's Elephant Trap (13/12/19)

Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP gave Boris Johnson an early Christmas present by agreeing to his call for an early general election without insisting on a democratic People's Vote over the final terms of Brexit.

The 'prize' for the SNP is a clean sweep of all seven Glasgow seats and a landslide victory across the rest of Scotland - courtesy of a discredited, unrepresentative First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral system.

But if you ask me, all of the opposition parties should be throughly ashamed of themselves for walking straight into Boris Johnson's FPTP elephant trap.           



On Your Marks. Get Set. Go! (12/12/19)

Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP all agreed to an early general election which always seems like a terribly high risk strategy to me.

Not least because the much smarter move was for the opposition parties to refuse to budge without securing the right of voters to have the final say on Brexit - by holding a democratic People's Vote between Remain and Boris Johnson's deal. 

The Times cartoonist, Peter Brookes, captured the pre-election mood rather well, I thought, but we will know how things turn out later today.


Santa's Little Helper (1)

As 2019 draws to a close Labour has some serious thinking to do over its woeful performance in the general election, but as ever Peter Brookes hit the nail on the head with this cartoon in The Times. 


The Uncomfortable Truth (19/12/19)

To those saying that Corbyn was not the problem an opinion poll finding just broadcast on BBC2

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The uncomfortable truth for Labour is that far too many voters regarded Jeremy Corbyn as useless and unfit for high office which is not that surprising since he was a mediocre backbench MP between 1983 and 2015 - before being elected, against all odds, as party leader.

In 2020, we are told that Jeremy (aged 70) will retire to the backbenches again where he can continue to draw a handsome salary until the next general election (probably in 2024) by which time he will have been an MP for 41 years.  


So why didn’t you vote Labour?

Remainers - “Corbyn”
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