Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Stefan Cross and Victor Meldrew

My blog post about 'Mary, Jean and Jackanory' seemed to bring out Stefan's inner Victor Meldrew!



Many of you will have seen the posts from DM Legal claiming to have taken a call from weeping Mary the cleaner upset that she only got a 20k offer whilst her cleaner colleague “Jean” got 100k. All this to stir up anger and persuade you to cough up £100 and become her client.

But as Mark I explains - it was all just a made up story. Fiction from start to finish.

What a way to behave. Keep your money in your pockets ladies.


Mary, Jean and Jackanory (17/06/19)

When I first read the Facebook story about 'Mary and Jean' I knew immediately it was false and that the settlement figures quoted were completely untrue.

"For example I've got Mary on the phone to me crying because she has worked beside Jean as a cleaner in a primary school for over 20 years. Now Mary is with union who never submitted her case in time so she got 5 years equal pay worth £20,000 and her pal Jean who submitted a case with A4E and got 12 years who is walking away with over £100,000."

But being a thorough and meticulous kind of person, I thought I would check my initial reaction with Karl 'The Brain' Bromley.

Now Karl is the 'facts and figures' man at A4ES and what's more Karl is completely trustworthy - he has no axe to grind about anything, as regular readers know. 

And what Karl confirmed to me is that there is no such person as Jean since there is no school-based client of A4ES who received a settlement in excess of £100,000.

In fact, no school based claimant received anywhere near that figure - and neither is there any union claimant who matches the description of Jean's imaginary pal Mary.

So the whole Jackanory story is nonsense from start to finish, using wildly exaggerated figures and completely made up 'examples', in a cynical effort to discredit the hard fought for Glasgow settlement - by trying to stoke up resentment amongst the Claimants. 

However, the good news is that this ugly and divisive ploy has failed miserably because over 97% of A4ES clients have now completed and returned their paperwork.

What remains is for A4ES to chase up the stragglers, ensure that everyone gets paid by Glasgow City Council and continue with the hard work of replacing the 'unfit for purpose' WPBR pay scheme  

For obvious reasons, we could do without the distraction of the Facebook 'chancers' and social media warriors, but at least now the record has been set straight.


Coming Soon.....Mary, Jean and Jackanory!

Have you heard the story on Facebook about the two Glasgow cleaners who have worked together in the same school for over 20 years?

Allegedly, one (Mary) received an equal pay settlement worth £20,000 while her pal (Jean) walked away with a settlement of over £100,000.

I'm afraid to say the story is completely 'made up' - Mary and Jean are not real people and the settlement figures claimed are a load of old bollocks.

More details to follow.


Karl B - Genius At Work (31/05/19)

When he's not trying on kilts for PayFest, or staying up through the night to sort out people's settlement offers, Karl Bromley manages to turn his mind to other things - such as setting up a new App so that A4ES clients can keep bang up to date with progress on their claims. 

See Facebook post below from Stefan.



The genius that is Karl Bromley has now created an app for our clients so you can now keep up with client tracker on your phones, too.

We have now added the Play store and Apple store Icons to the footer of our website were the apps can be downloaded. You can also search for the apps in Play store and Apple store by searching A4ES. The app works similar to the online version and will require you to firstly enter in your Ni Number and Password to gain access to the app.

Happy appy

Stefan Cross

Karl, Kilts and PayFest 2019 (06/05/19)

I kept Karl B company on his mission last week to get 'kilted-out' for PayFest 2019 - Glasgow's big equal pay party.

Now if this handsome photo is anything to go by, I suspect Karl (who has never worn a kilt before incidentally) will become a big, star turn at The Barrowlands event

Perhaps only to be outshone by those of us who wish to witness Stefan on the receiving end of a 'rub down' with a hot pie.


Glasgow - Hot Pie Rub Down (28/10/19)

I laughed my head off at some of the comments Glasgow claimants made in response to Stefan's interview in The Times.

More to follow shortly, but this particular one caught my eye:

I'd still give u a free bed bath or a rub down wi a hot pie xxx


I might just have to give Stefan's wife, Alison, a ring to explain that a 'hot pie' is a famous Glasgow delicacy and that her man will be perfectly safe when he visits next week.