Thursday, 20 June 2019

PayFest - Photos and Memories

Another fun way to help Glasgow's big equal pay party go with a bang is a special PayFest #Printer which will be in use throughout the evening at The Barrowlands.

The #Printer will print your mobile phone photos on the night- with family and friends and will give you some fun keepsakes to take home - perhaps even the sight of Stefan getting a rub down with a not pie!

Here’s how it works;

take a photo on Instagram with your mobile 
add the event hashtag which is #Payfest2019
collect your print

It’s that SIMPLE!

Follow the link to see pictures and find out a little more but generally speaking it's all about letting your hair down, having fun and taking mad photos as a memory of what promises to be a great evening at The Barrowlands: 

The #Printer will only work via Instagram with our special hashtag #Payfest2019 on the evening of July 6th at the Glasgow big equal pay party.

But this is your chance to get organised and create an Instagram account which you can do via Facebook - here's a link explaining what the photo-sharing app is all about:

The special PayFest hashtag will be #Payfest2019 but don’t worry there will be signs and we’ll remind you of this throughout the evening.

So in the meantime get yourself an Instagram account and practice using the hashtag #Payfest2019.


Glasgow - Hot Pie Rub Down (28/10/18)

I laughed my head off at some of the comments Glasgow claimants made in response to Stefan's interview in The Times.

More to follow shortly, but this particular one caught my eye:

I'd still give u a free bed bath or a rub down wi a hot pie xxx


I might just have to give Stefan's wife, Alison, a ring to explain that a 'hot pie' is a famous Glasgow delicacy and that her man will be perfectly safe when he visits next week.