Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Killing Fields of Glasgow

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I learned via Twitter the other day that a protester was escorted out of the Scottish Parliament the other day for disrupting the work of the Petitions Committee.

Now the chap in question was part of a group which ran the Scottish Labour, lain Gray, to ground during the 2011 Holyrood election campaign which reminded me of this piece from the blog site archive.

Such happy memories.


Killing Fields of Glasgow (07/04/11)

I watched a rather surreal interview with Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray earlier this evening.

In which he compared being ambushed by a handful of political groupies in Glasgow to the 'killing fields' of Cambodia.

In fact, Iain Gray went further - much further

The Labour leader said that his previous experience of civil war in Mozambique, of tribal genocide in Rwanda and the aftermath of General Pinochet's fascist state in Chile had helped him brush off his political 'mugging' by the Citizens United Against Public Sector Cuts (Glasgow Branch).

Now all of this seems like the mother of all overreactions to me, comparing a little contretemps at Central Station with some of the worst war crimes in human history is more than bit over the top, don't you think?

But maybe it's catching.

Because Labour's real top banana and UK leader Ed Miliband recently compared the TUC 'anti-cuts' marchers with the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights Movement in America and the Anti-Apartheid Campaigners in South Africa.

Now I understand why people want to inject a bit of colour into election campaigns because they can be very boring and normally any publicity is good publicity.

On this occasion I think not, especially at the memorable sight of Labour's Scottish leader being run to ground in a Subway sandwich bar, no less.

Clearly New Labour is dead or he would have sought refuge in a Pret a Manger's at least.

Though things could have been worse - you have to admit.

He might have had to fight his way out of the murderous mob with a crusty baguette.