Thursday, 4 May 2017

Glasgow Music Competition

Labour's Frank McAveety may have 'won' my Glasgow 'equal pay' music competition (even though he didn't submit an official entry), but this great Donna Summer track "She Works Hard for the Money' came a close second. 


She Works Hard for the Money (02/03/17)

Karen and Lesley from Glasgow have both nominated Donna Summers and 'She Works Hard for the Money' as an entry to my Equal Pay music competition - and no wonder because the song contains the following great lines:

She works hard for the money.
So hard for it, honey.
She works hard for the money.
So you better treat her right.

Now I though twice about the YouTube video I posted along with the song because it contains some rather dodgy 1950's style adverts which portray a very macho, outdated  male outlook on what 'women's work is all about'.

But then again the video also shows real women doing vital jobs around the world - thus proving the important point that women's work every bit as hard as their male colleagues (more so in lots of cases, if you ask me).