Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Operation Take-Out Frank

Here is some information on the next round of local council elections in Scotland which are due to he held on Thursday 4th May 2017.

As regular readers know, one of my campaign ideas is to stand an independent 'Equal Pay' candidate in the Glasgow Shettleston ward of the current council leader, Councillor Frank McAveety.

The purpose of standing a candidate would be to remind local voters in the Council leader's backyard that Labour-run Glasgow has been dragging its feet over equal pay for years.

Glasgow City Council is now the only remaining council in Scotland not to have reached a settlement over its post-job evaluation (JE) pay arrangements introduced in 2006/07.

Council elections in Scotland (2017)

On this page, you will find guidance and resources that you need if you are a candidate or agent at council elections in Scotland held on 4 May 2017.
An overview document gives instructions on how to use this guidance and who does what at these elections. Read the Overview for candidates and agents (PDF);
Click here for the 2017 timetable for council elections in Scotland on 4 May 2017.
The Improvement Service has created a website for prospective candidateswhich provides a wealth of information about the role of a councillor, including what councillors do and what’s expected of a councillor. There are also videos and short stories of councillors from across Scotland detailing why they became a councillor, the difference they make and their advice if you are thinking of standing.
If you are standing at council elections in Scotland in 2016, view our guidance and resources for 2012 - 2016 elections.

Part 4

The campaign

This part covers:
  • Campaigning dos and don'ts
  • Using the electoral register and absent voters' lists
  • Using schools and rooms for public meetings
  • Imprints on campaign publicity materials
  • Polling day dos and don'ts
  • Reporting allegations of electoral malpractice

Part 6

After the declaration of results

This part covers:
  • Making the declaration of acceptance of office
  • Access to election paperwork
  • Submitting your spending returns and declarations
  • Questioning the result through an election petition

The Court of Session, Scotland's highest civil court, has set the following dates to deal with the outstanding equal pay claims against Glasgow City Council.  

  • 25th to 27th April 2017 - a three day hearing on the pay protection and assimilation period
  • 2nd to 5th May 2017 - four days focusing on the City Council's job evaluation scheme, also known locally as the WPBR (Workforce Pay and Benefits Review)
Now the timing could not be better if you ask me with the elections to Glasgow City Council taking place on Thursday 4th May 2017.

My message to the Labour leaders of Glasgow City Council is to come clean and explain the pay arrangements that were put in place after the introduction of its local jib evaluation scheme (WPBR) in 2006/07.

So if Frank McAveety and his colleagues don't have the political will to resolve then issue, then step aside and make way for those who do. 


Operation Take-Out Frank? (29/01/17)

I've had a great response to the recent post setting out my plans for a big equal pay campaign in the run up to the council elections in May 2017. 

Some of these activities are already in hand and will be reported on the blog site as things take shape in the days ahead.

But there has been surprisingly strong support for the idea of fielding an 'Equal Pay' candidate in the Glasgow Shettleston seat where the Council's Labour leader, Frank McAveety, is standing again.

Now that would really set the cat amongst the pigeons if you ask me, as I doubt very much that Councillor McAveety can muster a credible defence to Glasgow's behaviour in relation to equal pay over the years.

As regular readers know, thousands of low paid City Council workers were 'bullied' and intimidated into accepting poor offers of settlement in the run-up to Christmas 2005 although those who threw their lot in with A4ES received a much better deal, of course.

So 'once bitten, twice shy' as they say and even though Frank was an MSP in the Scottish Parliament at the time, the responsibility for sorting things out lies with the Labour-run City Council which Councillor McAveety currently leads.  

A number of readers have asked if I would consider standing against Councillor McAveety, given my knowledge of the City Council and the long fight for equal pay. 

Now that's an intriguing proposition, but we have a long way to go because I'm told that  the relevant papers do not have to be registered until the end of March 2017.

But who knows, maybe I will throw down the gauntlet in Shettleston and challenge Frank McAveety in his own back yard.

Maybe it's time for Operation Take-Out Frank?