Sunday, 29 January 2017

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast the views of Governor Mike Pence - before he agreed to join Donald Trump on the Republican presidential ticket. 


Slavery and Creationism (28/01/17)

America's Vice President Mike Pence shows himself to be a complete buffoon with this ridiculous little speech on evolution versus creationism.

Pence prays in his aid the 'signers' of the American declaration of independence in 1776 whom the Vice President says were all 'believers' in God.

What Pence fails to mention of course is that the 'signers' were all men, the majority of whom owned slaves and believed in slavery. 

Thankfully, the views of God-fearing creationists evolved and improved over time.


Inherit the Wind (11/12/16)

'Inherit the Wind' is one of my favourite movies of all time and tells the tale of the Scopes Monkey Trial in America back in 1925

The villain of the piece is a chap named William Jennings Bryan, a populist demagogue in the mould of Donald Trump who regarded the Bible as the immutable and literal word of an almighty God.

A century later and William Jennings Bryan is a mere footnote in history which with a bit of luck is the same fate that awaits Donald Trump.


Inherit the Wind (13/04/14)

I mentioned the late, great, American actor - Spencer Tracy - in a recent post, but here he is in one of my favourite films of all time, 'Inherit the Wind'.

Now the movie tells the tale of the 'Scopes Monkey Trial' as it became known back in 1925 in which the 'redneck' State of Tennessee prosecuted a local school teacher (John Scopes) for teaching his students about human evolution and Charles Darwin.

Spencer Tracy plas a famous defence attorney, Clarence Darrow, and wipes the floor a courtroom confrontation with his rival William Jennings Bryan, a well-known political figure and religious bully.    

William Jennings Bryan was a fundamentalist Christian and argued that the word of God as revealed in the Bible took priority over all man made laws and human knowledge - which is of course what the Catholic Church used to say in medieval times and no different to what Islamic fundamentalists say toda. 

But how encouraging it is that science and logic finally prevailed over fear, prejudice  and religious bigotry.