Friday, 23 December 2016

Glasgow's Masterchef

Glasgow's reputation on the culinary world stage stepped up another notch or two as 'local boy' Gary Maclean won the 2016 UK MasterChef final.

I watched the programme live on BBC last might and while three finalists did themselves proud, Gary was a thoroughly deserved winner with flavours of Scotland dominating his menu including his starter of 'spoots' or razor clams which had the judges drooling.  

Modest Gary says he's going to continue with his day job as a college lecturer, but whatever he decides to do in the future his infectious enthusiasm for good food and great success in MasterChef has helped put Glasgow on the map. 


Glasgow lecturer Gary Maclean wins MasterChef final

BBC Glasgow & West Scotland
Image copyright - PA

Glaswegian chef Gary Maclean has been named MasterChef: The Professionals champion.

Mr Maclean, 45, beat 47 other professional chefs over seven weeks of cooking.

He defeated rivals Elly Wentworth and Matt Healy in a final in which he designed and made a Michelin-standard dish for 28 Michelin-starred chefs.

Mr Maclean told BBC Radio Scotland he will continuing his lecturing at City of Glasgow College following his win.

He said he watched the final on television at a surprise party at his house organised by his wife.

"It actually just felt real for the first time watching it last night," he told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme.

"I almost jumped up and down myself. It was quite weird. It's not real until it's on TV."
Pistachio ganache

The final task was to create an exceptional three-course meal in three hours.

Mr Maclean's winning menu was made up of a razor clams starter, a Highland roe deer main course and a chocolate pistachio ganache pudding.

The senior chef lecturer said he decided to enter the competition because of his love for the show.

He added: "The main reason I applied was that every year, my kids and students asked why I haven't done it.

"Getting to the finals is the hardest test a chef can put themselves through and I don't think people realise how long a journey it is, but my wife and kids have been with me every single step of the way, so it's been brilliant."

Asked if he would go back to his day job, following his success, Mr Maclean said: "I will definitely continue lecturing.

"I think what it's going to give me though is an opportunity to maybe do other projects. I am hoping things might change in that direction but I will continue teaching."