Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Taking Back Control

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A favourite slogan of 'Brexiteers' during the great EU referendum was that leaving the European Union would mean the UK 'taking back control' of the country's economy.

Strange then that the UK pound has been falling like a stone in recent months against both the Euro and the US dollar, especially as a country's currency is widely regarded as an important indicator of its economic strength.

So the currency markets view the UK pound as a poor investment for the foreseeable future even though the economic outlook is brighter according to those who believe that leaving the European Union is a really good idea.

The Telegraph cartoonist, MATT, has some fun with this nonsense by conflating the collapse of the Pound with the mysterious collapse of the would-be UKIP leader, Steven Woolfe.


Comedy Act (06/10/16)

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No sooner do I mention UKIP's Diane James on the blog site than the party's newly elected leader announces her resignation before stomping off the logical stage.

Swiftly followed by the news that one of her potential successors, Steven Woolfe, has ended up in hospital after an 'altercation' at a meeting of UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament. 

If you ask me, UKIP is more like a comedy act these days than a serious political party but they are clearly benefiting from the 'anti-politics' mood which has galvanised many voters in the western world.

No doubt Nigel Farage is still pulling UKIP's strings behind the scenes. 


Frogs and Princes (04/10/16)

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Gordon Brown long-running feud with Tony Blair was one of Westminster's worst kept secrets for years, but for the most part, in public at least, the big beasts of the New Labour jungle managed to rub along together.

Unlike the new UKIP leader Diane James who seems more than prepared to share her distaste at the prospect of an embrace and a kiss on the cheek from her predecessor, Nigel Farage.

Perhaps Diane knows more than she's letting on.

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