Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Mask Slips

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The Labour Party leadership issued this mealy-mouthed statement on Friday in response to the news that the sadistic murderer known as 'Jihadi John' had been killed by a US drone strike in the centre of Raqqa, the stronghold of the mad dogs of the Islamic State.

"We await identification of the person targeted in last night’s US air attack in Syria.

“It appears Mohammed Emwazi has been held to account for his callous and brutal crimes. However, it would have been far better for us all if he had been held to account in a court of law.

“These events only underline the necessity of accelerating international efforts, under the auspices of the UN, to bring an end to the Syrian conflict as part of a comprehensive regional settlement.”

Now given their previous public comments on the subject I have to say that these words do sound like the authentic voices of Jeremy Corbyn and his new spin doctor, Seumas Milne.

Because they complain that Mohammed Emwazi was not held to account in a court of law while knowing full well that this would never happen, because such a brutal murderer would never give himself up willingly at least.

The only other option of extracting Emwazi against his will would have been impossibly risky and required boots on the ground - a policy that the Labour leadership have fiercely resisted up until now.

So the Labour statement is completely disingenuous, deliberately calculated to deceive and if you don't believe me, have a listen at what Jeremy Corbyn has to say for himself.