Sunday, 1 November 2015

Spreading the Word!

Lots of readers have been in touch to ask how they can help support the campaign to Make Unions More Accountable (MUMA).

The most obvious way to help is to sign the petition itself which anyone can do so long as they are a UK resident.

The other is to publicise the petition with family, friends and co-workers.

Because I'm pretty sure that most people including the great majority of union members support the proposition that if doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, nurses, police officers and property managers are all subject to an independent complaints process - then so should the country's trade unions. 

In my experience, public petitions always need a 'spark' to get things going and build momentum before they 'take off'.

Readers of the blog site can help by sharing and liking Facebook posts and by re-tweeting and 'favouriting' Twitter tweets.

Because as the old saying goes 'many hands make light work'.