Wednesday, 4 November 2015

North Lanarkshire Update

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A reader from North Lanarkshire sent me the following update on equal pay which appears on the Digby Brown web site.

"With effect from 9th October 2015 Digby Brown Solicitors are no longer acting on your behalf in this case. We have required to withdraw from acting due to the GMB, who are funding your case, transferring funding for these claims to Thompsons Solicitors.

"Please note that Thompsons Solicitors will also write to you, asking you to sign a
mandate, to allow them to have access to the information we hold in relation to your claim.

Your claim should not be affected at the Employment Tribunal.

"Your case will now move to Thompsons solicitors to act on your behalf. However, we will remain on the record at the Employment Tribunal until we receive a mandate signed by you confirming that Thompsons are now instructed by you to continue with your claim. 

We intend to have Thompsons appear at future hearings at the Employment Tribunal as our agent until we have received your individual mandate.

"If, however, you wish us to continue to act for you, please contact us immediately to discuss how that can be achieved.

"Finally, if you have not received a letter from us and think that you should have, please contact us." 

Now what amazes me is that the GMB has almost nothing to say about this scandal on its own behalf and members in North Lanarkshire are still in the dark as to why their union has switched solicitors without any explanation or consultation with the members directly affected.

Seems to me that these members who have been paying their unions fees for years are being treated like mugs.