Friday, 31 January 2014

Richard III

Godfrey Bloom, the madcap MEP (Member of the European Parliament), may have been disowned by UKIP but he's back in the news again and, predictably, for all the wrong reasons.  

Here's a YouTube clip of Godfrey trying to put down a student, David Browne, during and Oxford Union debate by comparing his physical appearance to that of King Richard III of England who was portrayed as a physically frail and wizened figure by none other than William Shakespeare, of course.

But whatever Godfrey Bloom's reasons for 'playing the man rather than the ball' with his rude ad hominem interruption dressed up as a bogus point of order - the young man certainly wipes the floor with the former UKIP MEP by reminding him that people who resort to personal attacks do so, because they have lost the argument and have nothing better to say.