Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why Are We Waiting?

I've received a few enquries from readers in Glasgow recently - whose 'first wave' equal pay claims are being handled by one of the trade unions.

Would you believe that these people are still waiting on their claims being settled - more than three years after Action 4 Equality Scotland clients had their claims settled.

So I've given them all a few pointers about how to shake things up - because that's clearly a ridiculous stituation and things should never have been allowed to drag on for so long.

Action 4 Equality Scotland is still pursuing over 5,000 equal pay claims in Glasgow.

But these are all 'second wave' claims - and there is also a separate action underway - over the City Council's Workforce Pay and Benefits Review (WPBR).

I've been wondering whether the union members who are being treated in this way can transfer their claims - to Action 4 Equality Scotland.

After all the claim belongs to the individual person - it's not the property of the union.

And people have asked me about doing so already.

The honest answer is that I would have to get more details about the case - and make do some research - but anyone in this position is welcome to contact me again and I'll do what I can to help.

Just drop me a note at: